What Can Go Wrong in a Sprint Planning Ceremony?

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December 22, 2018

What Can Go Wrong in a Sprint Planning Ceremony?

If you have all the items you need and the required team members in the meeting, it should go very smoothly. If you don’t have the Product owner, you will not be able to prioritize the user stories. If you don’t have the Business Analysts, then you will not be able to complete the meeting either. Below is the agenda of what a  Sprint Planning should be.


Sprint Planning Agenda


´  Review/Update open items from refinement to update status to ‘Ready for Development’

´  Estimate the story (points)

´  Story allocation

´  Task creation by team members

´  Task estimates (hours)

´  Validation of sprint scope

´  Commit to Sprint by the team



Here are 3 main tips on how to make sure sprint planning ceremony can go smoothly:

  1. You should only have user stories that can be committed to be completed. There is no use of having user stories that cannot be completed. They should remain in the product backlog. You can always
  2. The Business Analysts should have draft user stories already written before the sprint planning session starts. The sprint planning ceremony is not intended so you can write user stories in that session.
  3. Prioritization of user stories are very important, Product owner should prioritize the user stories for the sprint.

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  1. Mohammed says:

    I feel the user stories need to be fully completed before you go into sprint planning. If there not completed, then you are going to spend hours and taking dev hours away from the team.

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